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Launching Is No Laughing Matter

Updated: May 31, 2023

It seems like everyone is talking about launching podcasts. You can buy a 4-week course on Instagram with every scroll.

"Launch your podcast in 10 easy steps!"

Well it isn't that simple. Defining my why behind the podcast was labour intensive. Do you have a particular message you want to share? And do people want to listen? There are lots of questions pertinent to why I am launching a podcast that I had to work through. Then there is simply a lot of work. It is work and there is no way around that. I've had to go through a brand process, podcast art, learn new recording programs, get gear etc. All before the actual interviews take place. The technicalities behind launching a podcast can deter anyone. However, it is the vulnerability of being "on air" that has deterred me. What will people think? Do I have anything to add to the thousands of podcasts? What will make people listen to my podcast? Does that even matter? What if offend people?

The questions are endless. The launch of this podcast feels like sitting on a foggy precipice. I know there is a view out there - but it is unknown. At some point you have to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and move toward a self imposed launch date.

Cheers to launching, it truly is no laughing matter!

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Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris
Apr 05, 2023

I'm so glad you launched and pushed through the difficulty. Your voice is needed and inspiring!


Jan 28, 2023

super excited to follow along Kel, super proud of you for always being bold!

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